Security System Functionality & Capabilties

Helping regulatory agencies understand exactly how your facility security system will function is essential for the approval of your security design. Clear Method will provide a detailed narrative describing the components of your system and how your video, access control and intrusion systems will operate. This narrative will also detail how the system design meets or exceeds the local and state regulatory requirements for cannabis business security system performance and capability.


Access Control, Intrusion & Video Surveillance Design

The importance of a proper security design cannot be overstated. Whether you are needing a design to fulfill the requirements for your cannabis business licensing pursuit, or needing a design for an existing facility that is compliant with local and State regulatory security system mandates, we have you covered. We are experts in video, access control and intrusion design and specification and develop designs that demonstrate that expertise. A poor design can become a confusing and costly mess when it comes to deploying your security system. Let us help you get it right from the start.


Security Technology Specification, Ongoing Compliance Support and Integrator Recommendations

Leverage our extensive experience with security  project installations and system performance management to ensure that you are specifying the right video, access control, intrusion and specialty security technologies for your facilities. We know what products work well and have performed successfully in various industries. There is a massive difference between the type of security technology that anyone can buy at a big box store or online and the technology that is utilized in schools, government buildings or enterprise corporate environments. We are also able to research your geographic area and recommended security integration companies that are certified to install the specified technology. A poor installation can become a costly nightmare and can ultimately jeopardize the safety of your people and facilities. We are also staying on top of the latest security mandates for all states where cannabis business is legal and can provide your business with ongoing updates for all changes that could impact your compliance, giving you peace of mind when it comes to security audits.


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